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/// Joining The Military - Version 2.0

Real Boot Camp Preparation

The Mission: To influence the military recruiting process through transparency, inclusiveness, open and candid discussions while developing a deliberate learning environment.

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What You Need To Excel, Not Just Pass
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The ASVAB Test

The ASVAB Test

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is the military entrance exam. All future military recruits must score high enough to enlist into the US Armed Forces. So, how are your math skills?



The Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) is where the entire enlistment process takes place. Here you will complete the medical and background checks in order to swear the oath of enlistment.

Top Secret Boot Camp Information

Recruiter Handbooks

In our mission to provide clarity into the enlistment process, we supply to you each branches recruiter guide book. This helps you see what they are looking for in you. How is that for transparency?

/// Enlisting Help

The Phonetic Alphabet, Military Time Conversion Chart, Boot Camp Locations, Recruit Pay Charts, Physical Fitness Test Forms and more to help you prepare for boot camp! Also, find out what it takes to enlist below.

Military Enlisting Requirements
Military Pay Charts
2013 Military Pay Charts

Find Out How Much You Will Earn At Basic Training.

Military Exercises
Boot Camp Exercises

Military Exercises That Will Be Used Against You.

/// Military Benefits Explained

Military benefits can only be accessed by those who know of the programs and what it takes to qualify for them. Many times your chain of command might not have all of the answers needed for you to achieve your goals, that is why it is necessary to build trusted outside lines of influence where you can get the answers you need.

Elisting In The Military

Creating A Culture

Teamwork will not tolerate the inconvenience of distance. Meet other future military members who will shape the future of our military.

Elisting In The Military

Official Military Regulations

On our forum we have the official guidelines for recruits enlisting with tattoos, debt, kids and other circumstances that cause issues.

/// Where Is Basic Training?

  • Boot Camp Locations

    Our basic training location map gives you all the visitor info you will need in order for your friends and family join you at your graduation. The links on the page will send you to the official visitors info where you can find all about renting hotels for your guests. They even have the latest information and pictures of boot camp news!

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