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Coast Guard Physical Fitness Assessment
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Coast Guard Fitness Test

Week four is distinguished by your physical fitness assessment (PFA) and swimming test. In order to graduate Coast Guard Boot Camp, you will have to meet the following physical standards:

Coast Guard Fitness Assessment standards


You will have to tread water for 5 minutes and then jump off a 5ft platform into a swimming pool where you will proceed to swim 100 meters. Believe it or not, there have been some individuals who have joined the Coast Guard but cannot swim. Not a good thing for a branch of service that spends most of its time on or in the water. So if you are going to join the Coast Guard, make sure you swim. The CG can only do so much to teach you the basics in the short time it has with you. If you cannot swim and pass the test you risk being sent back to square one of Basic Training to start again. And who wants that? Not when you’re this close.


Coast Guard Weight Standards