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Military State Tax

View How Your State Taxes Its Service Members

Each state has its own set of rules when it comes to taxing its military members. Some states like Florida and Texas have no state income tax at all; while others like Ohio do have a income tax, but do not tax military personnel. Some states will tax your income but not if you earned it in a combat zone.

Here is an IRS page that answers some pay questions if you’re in a combat zone Military Pay Exclusion — Combat Zone Service.

While we are at it – here is a link to the Armed Forces Tax Guide published by the IRS.

So instead of me posting some small paragraph about each states tax code, I will point you to their official tax page. Besides, laws change over time… so by posting the links here you can be sure to have the most up to date info there is.

The U.S. Navy Office of the Judge Advocate General Legal Assistance Policy Division put together this AWESOME PDF file that can help you with your tax questions. Check It out here: US Navy Jag State Tax Guide.

Now View Your States Official Tax Pages

Many of these state names are linked to specific pages regarding military personnel tax info, but not all states have dedicated pages for active duty members. So I have linked to a PDF or heir tax office homepage where you can type in their search box “military” and it should then take you to all the available info for that state.