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Army Jobs, Army Careers

Army jobs

Army Jobs

There are over 150 different Army jobs and career opportunities.  Your recruiter will be pressured to fill positions that are needed by the army.  He or she may try to sell you on these jobs because of their quotas.  It may benefit you to choose one of these jobs because they likely offer a sign-on bonus or other benefits.  At the same time, the benefit of joining the Army is being able to choose your job before your join.  If you join the Marines you are not guaranteed a specific job.  A sign on bonus may be attractive but you will only see about 75% of it after taxes and most bonuses are contingent upon completion of training.  If you are injured or cannot complete all of your training you will most likely lose your bonus.

Before you make any decision, explore all the different Army job opportunities.  You must remember that the job you choose will be the job you  will have for your entire contract so take your time and explore all of your options.  Not all jobs are available to everyone; some jobs require you to meet physical and/or mental standards.

Don’t worry about this now; your recruiter will help you narrow down your options after you have completed the ASVAB test.  For now, explore all of the Army jobs and careers and come up with a list of ten jobs that you find interesting.

Explore all of the Army Jobs

Once you have completed your list you are ready for the Contact a Recruiter