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Army Ranks and Insignia

Do You Know the Insignia for the Army Ranks?

There is no way around this, you have to know it.

The pages goes from lowest rank to highest… so the farther down you go, the more authority the rank has. So yes, an O-1 outranks a E-9 and a General run the show.

Print it out, stare at it or write it on the back of your hand… whatever it takes.

  • Address privates (E1 and E2) and privates first class (E3) as “Private (last name).”
  • Address specialists (E4) as “Specialist (last name)”.
  • Address sergeants (E5), staff sergeants (E6), sergeants first class (E7), and master sergeants (E8) as “Sergeant (last name)”.
  • Address first sergeants as “First Sergeant (last name)”.
  • Address sergeants major (E9) as “Sergeant Major (last name)”.

Your Army Ranks & Insignia

Pay Grade Title Insignia Spoken Description
Army Enlisted Ranks & Insignia
E-1 Private (PVT) No Insignia No Description
E-2 Private (PV2) Army Ranks Private one chevron
E-3 Private First Class (PFC) Army Ranks Private First Class one chevron above one rocker
E-4 Specialist (SPC) Army Ranks Specialist
E-4 Corporal (CPL) Army Ranks Corporal two chevrons
E-5 Sergeant (SGT) Army Ranks Sergeant three chevrons
E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) Army Ranks Staff Sergeant three chevrons above one rocker
E-7 Sergeant First Class (SFC) Army Ranks Sergeant First Class three chevrons above two rockers
E-8 Master Sergeant (MSG) Army Ranks Master Sergeant three chevrons above three rockers
E-8 First Sergeant (1SG) Army Ranks First Sergeant three chevrons above three rockers, with a pierced lozenge (diamond)
E-9 Sergeant Major (SGM) Army Ranks Sergeant Major three chevrons above three rockers, with a five-pointed star
E-9 Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Army Ranks Command Sergeant Major three chevrons above three rockers, with a five-pointed star within a wreath
E-9 Sergeant Major Of The Army Army Ranks Command Sergeant Major of the Army three chevrons above three rockers, with the eagle from the Great Seal of the United States centered between two five-pointed stars

Warrant Officers

Army Warrant Officers are usually a mystery to recruits. Lets clear one thing up quick… They are Officers. So salute them.

Address warrants as “Mr. (last name)” or “Ms. (last name)”.

In 2005, the Department of the Army developed a new definition to encompass all warrant officer specialties and grades.

“The Army WO is a self–aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer, and advisor. Through progressive levels of expertise in assignments, training, and education, the WO administers, manages, maintains, operates, and integrates Army systems and equipment across the full spectrum of Army operations. Warrant Officers are innovative integrators of emerging technologies, dynamic teachers, confident war-fighters, and developers of specialized teams of soldiers. They support a wide range of Army missions throughout their career. Warrant officers in the Army are accessed with specific levels of technical ability. They refine their technical expertise and develop their leadership and management skills through tiered progressive assignment and education.”

Pay Grade Title Insignia Spoken Description
Army Warrant Officers Ranks & Insignia
W-1 WARRANT OFFICER 1 (WO1) Silver bar one black square
W-2 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 2 (CW2) Silver bar two black squares
W-3 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 3 (CW3) Silver bar three black squares
W-4 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 4 (CW4) Silver bar four black squares
W-5 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 5 (CW5) Silver bar one vertical black stripe

Army Officer Ranks, Insignia and Description

  • Address both second lieutenants (O1) and first lieutenants (O2) as “Lieutenant (last name)”.
  • Address captains (O3) as “Captain (last name)”.
  • Address majors (O4) as “Major (last name)”.
  • Address colonels (O6) and lieutenant colonels (O5) as “Colonel (last name)”.
  • Address all personnel with the grade of general as “General (last name)” regardless of the number of stars

Your Army Officer Ranks & Insignia

Pay Grade Title Insignia Spoken Description
Army Officer Ranks & Insignia
O-3 CAPTAIN (CPT) Two Silver Bars
O-4 MAJOR (MAJ) Gold Oak Leaf
O-6 COLONEL (COL) Silver Spread Eagle
O-8 MAJOR GENERAL (MG) Two 5 Point Stars
O-9 LIEUTENANT GENERAL (LTG) Three 5 Point Stars
O-10 GENERAL (GEN) Four 5 Point Stars