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Joining the Air Force
Joining the Air Force as an terminal attack controller

Capt. Jack Fine (left) and Senior Airman Sergio Barcena-Turner, both assigned to the 3rd Air Support Operations Squadron, simulate a patrol March 3, 2014, at Sixmile Lake, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. The base is home to 3rd ASOS joint terminal attack controllers, whose primary responsibility is to advise the ground commander on proper utilization of airpower. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Sheila deVera)

Is joining the Air Force the right decision for you?

The Air force has over 130 career opportunities and is the only branch that has it’s own college accreditation for it’s training. If you are joining the Air Force you will receive advanced technical training and experience. Only in the Air Force can you receive and associates degree just for your job training and you could easily have a Bachelor’s degree by the time your contract is over.  The Air Force’s technical training is some of the most advanced training you can receive in the world, but don”t think because it’s the Air Force, you can not be the GI Joe you dreamed of becoming as a kid.

Air Force special operators work with the Army green berets and Navy SEALS  and they are some of the most dangerous people on the battlefield. For example, if you become a combat controller you will be embedded with special forces and control the air battle from the ground, directing pilot’s airstrikes and conducting surveillance with unmanned aircraft. If your tough enough for this career you will be attending the Army airborne school and free fall school so I hope your not afraid of heights. So if you overlooked the Air Force because it’s not tough enough for you look again.

The Air force has opportunities for everyone, whether you want to be an air traffic controller, door gunner, or a cryptologist. If you are worried that you may get stationed far from home this is not the right branch for you. The Air Force has 64 bases in the U.S. and 20 overseas, you will get to make a list of eight of your top preferences while in Basic training or “boot camp” and the Air Force will choose for you based on their needs. All though you may end up somewhere unfamiliar it does not mean you will not enjoy yourself.  Air Force bases are smaller so you wont be surrounded by gun stores, pawn shops, loan offices and gentlemen clubs like a large army base. You will be another working member of the city you live in and have some breathing room outside of the military culture.