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Joining the Army

Joining the Army

Is Joining the Army the right decision for you?

By joining the Army you will be a part of the largest and oldest branch of the Military.  “Resolved, that a General be appointed to command all the continental forces, raised, or to be raised, for the defense of American liberty.” With that resolution on June 14th, 1775 the beginnings of the United States Army had been set in motion.  Its mission and operations are primarily ground based warfare. If you are looking to join a large branch with many career paths this could be the choice for you.

The Army has over 150 jobs and bases all around the world, but if you goal is to see the world this is not the right branch for you. If you join the Army, you will more than likely be stationed somewhere in the heartland of America where there is enough room to fit at least 20,000 soldiers, shoot mortars, jump out of planes, and to fire the cannons of M1 Abram tanks.   If you want to be a apart of America’s largest fighting force and be supported by the most advanced weapon systems in the world, joining the Army is right for you.

 The Army’s largest bases are in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Washington. It’s the Army, not the Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard, so don’t expect to be hanging out at the beach unless you are lucky enough to get stationed in Hawaii. You could end up in Alaska or Fort Drum, NY, which some would say you do not know what cold is until you have been there. The good thing about the Army is you have negotiating power in your contract. The other branches are not as large and flexible about job choices or where you are going to be stationed.  If the Army thinks you are good candidate, you will be able to pick your job and where you want to go! 

Joining the Army will transform you from a civilian to a Soldier. By the end of initial entry training you will-

  • Understand, accept, and live by the Army values and Warrior Ethos.
  • Possess self-discipline, be adaptable, and flexible.
  • Be capable of identifying and solving problems appropriate to their position and responsibility.
  • Willingly subordinate self to the mission and fellow Soldiers.
  • Be able to operate effectively under stress.
  • Be proud of and committed to their profession.
  • Be physically fit.
  • Be proficient in warrior tasks, battle drills and job (MOS)-related technical skills.
  • Comply with Army traditions, customs/courtesies, and fundamental Soldier skills and responsibilities.