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Joining the Marines
joining the marines

PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. – Staff Sgt. Brian Sixto, a drill instructor for Platoon 3034, encourages Rct. Edgar Barua-Gomez, Platoon 3034, Mike Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, to respond to orders March 12, 2014, during an incentive training session on Parris Island, S.C. Discipline, defined as the instant and willing obedience to all orders, respect for authority and self-reliance, is a key trait drill instructors must instill in recruits.

Is joining the Marines the right decision for you?

“The few, the proud, the Marines.” This simple phrase sums up the Marine Corps. If you always dreamed of joining the Marines, your dad was a Marine, or Apocalypse Now is your favorite movie, the Marine Corps might be your only option. For the rest of you, you must understand that the Marines rely on their pride more so than what they offer you. The Marine Corps is the second smallest branch (the few), meaning that advancing through the ranks is harder than the other branches. All the pay grades across the military are the same; you could be the most bad ass Marine who fought overseas, but have a smaller pay check than the Navy cook making your meals.

If you truly understand the meaning of sacrifice and serving your country, then the Marines are for you. While the Army’s bayonet’s are collected dust in a warehouse somewhere you will be strapping one on your rifle and storming a beach. The Marines are the first to fight and stand ready to deploy and engage the enemy anywhere in the world within six hours. Marine expeditionary units are deployed near global hot spots, on Navy warships, to be ready for peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts, or combat. The war in Iraq is over, Afghanistan is coming to a close, so if your looking to put yourself as close to the next conflict as possible without being a green beret, ranger, or SEAL, the Marines are your best option.

Not everyone in the Marines has to be the toughest war-fighter; there are plenty of other important jobs. You could have an exciting career in communications, logistics, supply, motor transport, aircraft maintenance, or even explosive ordinance disposal. If your not joining the marines to make a career out of your time in the service these options open more doors after you get out. There are not too many civilian positions to fill for an experienced rifleman or machine gunner in the civilian world. If you have what it takes to be a Marine, you will always be a Marine. Semper Fi!