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Air Force Physical Fitness Test
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Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

The Air Force uses an overall composite fitness score and minimum scores per component based on aerobic fitness, body composition and muscular fitness components to determine overall fitness. The assessment components are comprised of the following:

  • Body composition evaluated by abdominal circumference measurements
  • Aerobic component evaluated by the 1.5-mile timed run
  • Muscular fitness component evaluated by the number of push-up and sit-ups completed within one minute

Members who fail the abdominal circumference component but pass the other components will be administered a body mass index screen. Members who do not pass the BMI will be administered a body fat analysis.

The Body Composition Assessment

The assessment includes height, weight and abdominal circumference measurements, is performed by fitness assessment cell staff and must be the first component assessed. The abdominal circumference is used to obtain the body composition component score instead of the Body Mass Index, or BMI. Height and weight are not factored into the composite score.

The Muscular Fitness Components

This includes doing as many push-ups and sit-ups as you can within a minute, which may be accomplished before or after the 1.5-mile run.  There is a minimum three-minute rest period between components.

In order to graduate from Air Force BMT you will need to accomplish the following (and this is non-negotiable):

Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment Standards