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Top Ten Tips for MEPS
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1. Wear professional looking clothing. Tanks tops, and open toed sandals will get you sent home immediately, so wear something nice. Get a nice polo or button up shirt on and look your best.

2. You will be doing range of motion movements in your underwear in front of others, so wear something clean under your clothes. Also, the medical exam will include you bending over and spreading your cheeks…. So…. Yeah

3. Bring all your documents and medications with you. Go over what you need to bring with your recruiter. Gather your marriage certificates, citizenship papers, birth certificates, social security cards and whatever else you might need… bring it.

4. If you are staying overnight in the hotel do NOT drink alcohol or do other ridiculously stupid things that will affect the rest of your entire life. The next day you might be taking the AVAB test, answering medical questions about your past, picking a future career and many other topics that will require a clear thought process.

Walking in with bloodshot eyes at 5am and a hangover might just end everything real quick for you.  You will also have a urinalysis that will test for alcohol first thing in the morning.

5. Speaking of the hotel stay over, that extra time could really be used to brush up on your studying. You can go over math formulas and try to remember how to divide fractions, find sq footage or many other things that will help you much more than checking in on Facebook from your phone

6. Don’t lie. You will be asked the same questions by different people, you will also be asked again months later by even more people. If you get caught concealing anything you can be kicked out immediately or worse. Your recruiter wont get in trouble, it will all be on you.

7. Bring a book, snacks or cash with you the hotel. You might get hungry or bored in your room, so plan ahead.

8. Be patient – and welcome to hurry up and wait

9. Remember that you’re going into a federal building. So don’t bring a pocket knife or your brass knuckles, they frown upon those there.

10. Drink fluids… you will need to submit some urine samples. So if you go when you wake up, hurry up and drink some water so you can pee when you need to in a few hours.