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Pay Day Activities
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What are Payday Activities?? This tradition is historical to the U.S. Army and dates back to when Soldiers were paid in cash. Soldiers would line up to recieve their months pay and then were given liberty to take time to pay bills, give some money to Household 6, and get what they needed for their uniform. Through time as we have moved into automatic payment into banking accounts Payday Activities today brings a different meaning. Today and on every first Friday after payday of the month, Soldiers come to work dressed in their Army Service Uniform (ASU). Uniform inspections, counselings, and internal training classes are conducted. Items found missing or out of place on Soldiers uniforms are corrected so when the time arises for the need to wear the ASU, the uniform is already in tip top shape. Soldiers are released early on these days to take care of personal business or spend some quality family time.