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Shaving in the military is mandatory; this is the best way to do it
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I’ve partnered with Dollar Shave Club to bring you this product review and show you how easy it is to subscribe.

Before joining the military, I did not anticipate shaving to be such a daily chore.  I never realized how many problems it could cause for you to be caught without a clean-shaven face at work.

After three months of enduring punishments for not having a perfect shave every morning, I found a solution.  A fellow service member, who joined the military around the same time as me, told me about Dollar Shave Club. I had no clue there was a service that does everything except actually shave your face for you, but I’m thankful I found out when I did.

I signed up for their current promotion –only available for a limited time- for the Executive Razor. Shortly after, Dollar Shave Club sent me the Starter Box for only $5 with free shipping.


It came in the mail with four six-blade cartridges, Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter, and Dollar Shave’s club monthly bathroom magazine.

My first thoughts were, “Okay, everything looks great, but how great can it be if they let me practically steal it for $5?”

During my first experience using the products, it didn’t take long to realize I had really just found a great deal.  The Executive Razor handle is just as good of quality as razors I spent over $20 on in the past.   The high quality blades and amazing Shave Butter leave my skin smooth and feeling fresh every time.

I’m in my second month of using the Dollar Shave Club and have not had a skin irritation or cut –which is unheard of for me.  My favorite benefit is never having to make a last minute run to the store for a razor blade.

I had previously been scolded by my superiors for my shaving that left my face with patches of stubble and skin irritations.  Now, I just pay a few bucks a month for Dollar Shave Club blades to arrive at my door every month. I have a new blade to use every week and no more need excuses for why I don’t have a clean shave.

Try the starter box today!