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Marine Jobs

Marine Jobs

Which one of the Marine Jobs is right for you?

Every one in the Marine Corps is  a rifleman.  No matter what Marine jobs interest, in the Marines you will still expected to perform the basic duties of an Infantryman no matter your job tile.   Only 15% of the service’s total force is made up of infantry units.  To perform the many duties of the Marine Corps, approximately 174,000 have other Marine jobs, such as flying planes and helicopters; operating radar equipment; driving armored vehicles; gathering intelligence; surveying and mapping territory; maintaining and repairing radios, computers, jeeps, trucks, tanks, and aircraft; and performing hundreds of other challenging jobs.  You will be able to work in one of 35 career fields which offer over 300 different jobs.  Unlike the Army, the downside of the Marines being a smaller force, they give their recruits less freedom in choosing their job.

For now explore all the different job fields such as infantry, intelligence, logistics, etc. Make a list of the three fields that interest you the most.  The Marines will most likely assign you to a position in that field.

Remember that the job you choose will be the job you will do every day for your entire contract so take your time and explore all of your options.  Not all jobs are available to everyone; some jobs require you to meet certain physical and/or mental/educational standards.  Think about what marine jobs will be the most fulfilling for you.  If you want to be a career infantryman…..Hoorah!!! ….no one will stop you but know outside the marines your skills might only land you a job as mall security.  If you want to fulfill your contract with the Marines; gain job experience and have college paid for, you might want to consider something else.

You can view the different jobs by using the Marine Career Tool 

Once you have completed your list you are ready to Contact a Recruiter