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Navy Core Values
Navy Core Values

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy

Navy Core Values: Born over 200 years ago… The Navy Endures

Your Navy career will afford you many experiences and opportunities that you would never get the chance to enjoy had you chose a different path. In those difficult moments your character and resolve will be tested, you can rely on these Navy core values to help shape your actions.

Honor – Courage – Commitment… There is no specific order, just get em in your head.

1. Honor

Standing tall. Caring about your impression on others. Doing what is hard because you know it is right. These things are a joke to some, but not a Sailor.

2. Courage

Not just courage when the battle is in front of you… Courage to do the right thing when no one is watching. Courage to acknowledge that no matter how many times you tell yourself you not a role model, that you are recognize that you are.

3. Commitment

To your shipmates, your family, your responsibilities and to yourself.